Saturday, June 19, 2010

Holiday Fun

We were over at KL for a week and i brought alot of activities/toys so to entertain the boy. Unfortunately, we did little! Because the shopaholic in me refused to spend time in the room!

However, we did read books. Im proud to say, the very first thing N reached out for when we checked into the room was his books. :)

In my desperate attempt to help N pretend play, i dragged his 'masak masak' toys all the way up north! I even brought 2 stuff toys! N was quick to serve food to the two animals. He even placed the cup on the saucer himself!

I say! The monkey looks very pleased with N's service doesn't he? :)


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  2. aiyo, so cute! tell him this aunty would love a cup of MILO PENG when i see him... served in a pink cup and saucer. hehe...


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