Thursday, June 24, 2010

Heptagon & Dodecagon

When N was younger, i used the flashcard method to introduce to him shapes with 5 sides and more (heptagon, nonagon, dodecagon, pentagon etc).

I recently tried to 'test' him to see if he remembers, he seems to be able to differentiate the shapes...but im not sure. Anyway, i brought these cards out again, because this time i want him to learn which shape has how many number of sides/angles.

I got this idea from another blogger mom (I CANT REMEMBER WHO?!!). Using ice cream sticks, i got N to place each stick on each side and count the number of side that shape has. By doing this, he now knows that a Heptagon has 7 sides.

And a dodecagon has 12 sides. I should say N AND Mummy learnt together. I never knew what these shapes are called untill now!

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  1. Dodecagon is one of the types of polygon which has 12 sides. This is one of the regular polygons and is named dodecagon since it has 12 sides. Dodecagon has 12 angles. There are both regular and irregular dodecagons. Here, we will discuss more about the properties of the regular 12 sided polygon.
    the unit circle


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