Thursday, June 24, 2010

Peace at last!

I can finally put my heart at ease...well at least for now.

We went for N's first meet up with the Speech therapist (ST) today. I was bracing myself for a bad report like N's got weak oral muscle or he's alittle abnormal etc. But it turned out quite the opposite.

Throughout the session, the ST assured me that all is well with N. Yes, she said it quite loud and clear that N is no way autistic. She also added that N is on the right track albeit slow in his speech development. Since he just started to really talk only in Feb this year and has improved lots within these short period, she felt that N just needs more time. Instead of the weekly therapy i was expecting, she suggested we let him grow at his own pace and review him again in 6 months time. By then, she is confident that N will improve. If not, she assures me we can start therapy and it won't be too late.

She credits to N's withdrawn behaviour to 2 things. 1) His personality. It's his nature be totally absorbed in what he is doing be it playing with toys. 2) His lack of social interaction. So, for the next months, we'll just have to up his chances of meeting more children. The ST ended our meeting saying that she's rarely have to say 'see you in 6months!' because most of the kids she see needs immediate therapy. PHEW.

So yeah, at least i've heard the good news right from the horse's mouth and i can finally happily trot on on my way. YEEE HA!


  1. That's really great to hear! :) Now you can set your mind at rest!

  2. thank you mamaj. Its such a relief!


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