Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sort Money, Save money

Since we were on the topic of money/coins. i grabbed a handful of coins and got N to sort them out. I took the chance to tell him the value of each coin.

After which, we slotted all the coins into our cute 'hippo' bank. Good activity for fine motor skills!


  1. had a very very baad day today. made friends with a mum and she made a very rude comment. will have to email you. but not today..today i need to shop online..hehe..

    btw, can you tell N to sort $888 for me. 888 for good luck - for me. hehe

  2. HEE HEE! I love your comments! Always never fail to tickle me bones! Oi, rude comments! i recently had my own bad experience. I hate it that it comes from another mother..the very person who's suppose to understand you. Oh well...


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