Monday, June 21, 2010

Puzzle galore!

I bought this set of Melissa & Doug puzzles and i love it so much that i just had to come here and rave about it! It comes with 4, 12-piece puzzles and cost only $13++ (can't remember the exact price). What i like most about it is that these puzzles are made of wood. I don't know why but i just love wood puzzles! The smell, the texture, the! N loves the puzzles too- it helps that he is in the sensitive period for puzzles! He's been asking to do this everyday and he'd piece this box of puzzles and continues on with the other puzzles he has.

The best part of all, it comes with a box with 4 compartments- one for each puzzles. It's so easy to store and keep!

Oh if you notice there's a piece in the box, you'll see a circle stamped on the back part of the puzzle. Well, each puzzles have different shapes stamped at the back, circle, diamond, square and triangle. In case you mixed all 4 puzzles and don't quite know how to sort them out (it can be very challenging figuring out which piece is for which puzzle), just flip them over and sort them by the shape stamps. How thoughtful!

:)) Melissa & Doug should pay me for this review!


  1. really? i think it has a niche market here in spore. i guess its becos the price aint that nice...

  2. Hi,may I knw where u get this?my boy love transportation,thinking buyingone for him

  3. Hello!

    You can get them at Toyrus (vivo), the section next to the lego toys. Hope this helps! :)


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