Monday, June 21, 2010

What's the time N?

Hooray! N can tell the time!

After doing this N learnt how to tell the time by the hour (1 o'clock, 2 o'clock etc). I have to add that i wasn't very dicipline in doing the activity with him. I just whip it out every now and then and we spent a mere few seconds going through it each time. I just briefly mentioned to him that when the long hand is pointing at 12 and short hand pointing at 6, for instance, makes 6 o'clock. I went through all the other hourly timings using the cards i made.

Then one day, just to make sure he really knows, i took out this clock i bought and asked N to make 6 o'clock for me. He swiped the long hand at 12 and the short hand at 6! And i got him to make other timings for me as well. Woohoo! I think i will stop here and wait for him to be older to teach him to tell time by the minutes. I don't want to confuse him yet.


  1. I found this App on the iPhone, iPod Touch to be very helpful with my young ones.

    What really makes this teaching aid great is that in the first game there is a character that randomly asks your child to set the clock to a time being asked.

    The character actually uses a real person's voice for something like "It is quarter past twelve".

    My kids absolutely love this!

  2. awesome! thanks for the tip!! Will go look for it. :)


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