Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Activity Book

I bought this cheap activity book for about $3 for N. It's actually meant for 6 years old and above but there were a couple of exercises that i think N would like, so i decided to buy it, let him do a couple of pages and keep the rest till he's older.

Just i as expected, N loved it! He kept asking to do more till there was nothing left for him to do. Here's some of the pages we did:

Matching shapes (he drew the lines all by himself!)

Matching numbers to the words

Counting the number of stars & moon and then coloring the correct answer

Coloring the smallest number in each section

And coloring the largest number in each section.

He managed all the answers himself, no help from this mama. :)


  1. so "crever"!!!!! good job, N!!!!

  2. Amazing! At what age exactly he started to read by phonics?

  3. Thank you for the compliments! He watched the Leapfrog DVD and caught it on himself- no credit to me! I can't remember when...maybe by 2?


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