Monday, August 30, 2010

What number is after...

I taught N number sequence using flashcards when he was little, but i only taught him up to 50. I recently realised while he knows what comes next after 50, but he doesn't know what comes after 59, 69,79, 89 and 99.

Hence i created this activity using the 'BEFORE & AFTER' activity we did last week. I first presented to him by showing him that 60 comes after 59 etc. We're going to repeat this activity till im certain he got it.


  1. i'm back! did you miss me?? i just moved house. sigh. so tired.

    hey, i may be coming back next month! woot!

    ps when did you start numbers with N? btw, i did the sensory tub with T and he overturned everything. Hubs says, actually he's quite smart what! y should i dig to look for something when i can turn it over and find it faster?

  2. Where are you??? y so long never post??? i'm coming back!!! oct 20 to oct 31..WE NEED TO MEET!!

    just emailed you!!!!!



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