Wednesday, August 4, 2010

An Honor

It's an honor that my blog is being recognised by other fellow mothers- although i never quite set out to acheive that.

I have recieved my first blog award from Karen (Mi Escuelita Montessori) - thank you so much- I am truly humbled! I was suppose to pass on the award to 10 other bloggers but as much as i tried i could not. Not that there are no good blogs around, on the contrary, there are too many! Different blogs present different inspiration to me at different times. Hence, i found it really hard to highlight ten specific blogs. But thank you very much Karen for remembering me. :)

Also, a local group of mothers have set up a homeschool website. It  is abit like the Montessori GOldmine where it complies all the good blogs on its web page. The founders also share their homeschool ideas and insights on the blog. Again, i am honoured that they have asked me to contribute some of my ideas on their website. I have written two articles thus far. Do hop on over to My Playschool and check out how other Singaporean Mothers are homeschooling their children!

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