Monday, August 23, 2010

Before & After

Here's how i teach N the concept of 'Before & After'.

Materials Used:
Word cards: 'Before' And 'After'
Number cards

Child must know rote counting, at least from 0-5.

I took out 3 consecutive numbers. Here, numbers '5, 6, 7'.

First, i place the number card '6' and the word cards 'before' and 'after' respectively. I told N that '5' is before '6' and place the number card '5' in the right position.

Likewise, i showed N that '7' is after 6 and place the number card '7' in its place.

I did this over a few consecutive numbers until i was certain he understood the concept.

I knew he understood the concept when he could accurately answer questions like 'what day is BEFORE Monday?, what day is AFTER monday?'

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