Monday, August 23, 2010

WE FIsh!

My latest craze! Felt Fish Fishing!

 I saw this activity while reading a book on Waldorf method and subsequently at other blogs. I was itching to make them for N but finding a ring like magnet here was challenging! Hence it took me only now to make them. But i am pleased!

A school of fish! Obviously, i used felt cloth to make the fish. I sewed on simple patterns on fish. You can also use any left over cloths and buttons/sequins for patterns. As i said, the ring magnets were NOT easy to find here in Singapore. If you're interested, my husband managed to find them at HomeFix @ Marina Square- yeah, not just ANY HomeFix store mind you!

The fishing rod! I used a pair of disposable chopsticks. To prevent splinters, i wrapped it up with masking tape.

Ready to fish!

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