Friday, August 20, 2010


It's been a week of screaming and beatings. It's been a hard week.

I found myself constantly yelling at N to not touch this, not do that etc. I don't know if it's me being wonky or him being mischievous.

All week, i have had no time with N. I was either busy with myself, chatting on the phone or household chores. N was left all to himself most of the time. At the tail end of my head, i knew the reason for N's behaviour but i just refused to acknowledge it.

Today has proven my inner voice correct.

Somehow, we had time to do stuff today. N followed me into his room when i was there to pick up something. He voluntarily took out his montessori work and started doing them. As i didn't want to disrupt it, i sat down and watched him. I soon notice how calm & composed he was and there no sign of his monkey like behaviour which was evident all week. Is this what Maria Montessori meant by 'normalise'? I found the word 'normalise' suited him there and there! I also notice how calm & relax I was! I was being 'normalise' too as i watched him work! How interesting! We did some non-montessori work together after which i left him alone to cook lunch.

Unlike the previous days, he gave me no trouble. He became like his normal self, entertained himself and out of my way while i cooked away. Ah, peace reigned in my house!

This is the formula i've derived from here. If i spend lesser time with N, the monkey in him will prevail. But if i make some effort to do stuff with him- doesn't matter what we do, he becomes more calm and peaceful. Hence, it comes to no surprise that when daddy's home, the monkey goes away. Why? Because daddy ALWAYS gives his full attention to N when he's home.

I realised that N, like any kids, need to release his energy. Some kids need to go out and climb trees and some kids needs indoor activity. Mine can be satisfied by the latter. If we don't help fulfil their need to 'release' their ever bursting energy, they tend to become haywire and strange. Just like when they are way over due for their naps!

So, lesson learnt! It's partially my fault that this week turned out bad for us! We'll try better next week!


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  2. Hi I just found your blog. Great ideas here!! I also notice my kids a bit crazier hence me crazy when I am too busy to work with them. When they get my attention undivided for at least 30 minutes a day, they are angels....

  3. Hi me! Thanks for the compliiment. Isn't it? Just a few minutes with them can turn them into 'good' kids. :)


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