Monday, August 2, 2010

A bit of this and that

We have been experiencing 3 weeks of drought in terms of our homeschool hour. It was interrupted by family trips and visits from relatives. But it was all good!

This week, we can finally resume although i think i may be losing steam- im running out of ideas!

Once again, i depend on my old pals- puzzles! This is a set on What animals eat. This week, N is learning that Panda eats bamboo shoots, Caterpillar- leaves, frogs- insects and Snake eats mice & eggs.

Last week, we read on a book about the sounds different animal makes. As a follow up, i created this activity to revise what we read from the book. I wrote the different sounds and had N match to the correct animal, i.e. Owl hoots, frog croaks etc.

Since we read that lion roars, i decided to teach N how to spell 'lion'.

Practising his pincer grasp. N had to remove the cloths pegs from the namecard and clip them back on again.

Another revision. I wanted to check if N still remembers the name of the different shapes. Well, he mixed parallelogram and trapezium up but everything else he got it right.

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