Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This week...

We are continuing our series on 'What animal eats'. This week we are learning what a bat, duck, goat, cat and seal eats.

I created a Mandarin version of my shape game for N. The other shapes were much too 'cheem' (difficult) for erm, ME so i only taught him 3 new shapes in Mandarin (oval, diamond and pentagon).

A numbering game i made. It consist of numbers from 50 to 100. I had N arrange the numbers in order. Abit like the hundred board game.


  1. wow! I think I need tuition from N when I get back! I can only read three in Mandarin! The rest i no-no.

    btw, i think i may be coming back this x'mas! shall we meet, my like-minded friend? *giggles*

  2. whahaha, sure! just drop me a mail when you're in town. :)


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