Sunday, August 8, 2010

Read, read and read...

I have stop doing Language (both english and mandarin) related activities with N. Mainly because i am already satisfied that he can read an English book on his own. I am not big on phonics so i'm just going to leave it to his teacher. As for his Mandarin, again his teacher is doing such a great job that i am mostly hands off.

That said, i am still reading and reading and reading with him as i want to expand his vocabulary. I am also focusing on his comprehension skills as we read. I'd read a sentence and ask a simple question just to see if he understood the book.

Here are some books we have been reading.

Is it me? I find it really hard to find good simple mandarin books for N. The best i can find are books from Pelangi. I always look for books with one or two sentences in a page and these Pelangi books fit the bill.

I chance upon ELF books and i love them! It has simple and repetitive lines on each book- suitable for early readers like N. I especially favour its books because they are educational at the same time!

We've read a book on animals that live in a tree. I got N to read the book aloud every night and now he can name me the animals that live in a tree- all thanks to this book!

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  1. Tian Tian (the cat) series is good too...with flaps, altho' it's a little too simple for my boy. And there's a series call "xiao keke" and "zhong keke" that I found in the library recently. I love this series for chinese stories.


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