Thursday, March 1, 2012

Books Galore!

Babydoll isn't very interested in Glenn Doman cards- much to my dismay. Although i know there are many other effective ways of teaching her ro read but that is really the only way i know how (and im lazy to research for new ways). Sigh.

BUT the fortunate thing is she enjoys our reading session. She perks up when i announce "Read book time!". Typically, before each flashcards session, i would read a few books. Once, i tried doing the flashcards without reading the books- she wasn't very pleased. Opps. MUST.READ.FIRST.MUMMY.

Her all time favourite book is the Usborne 'That's not my..' series. Her new found favourite are books by Karen Katz. I recently introduced to her Sandra Boynton's (my favourite author) book, 'Fuzzy Fuzzy, Fuzzy'- we both enjoy it very much. These books are interactive and she enjoys touching the different textures and lifting the flaps.

Lately, i borrowed a non-interactive book. As i was reading that book, the little doll reached out her hand and scratch the pages as i read- she was trying to look for flaps to lift! I thought that was adorable although that poor little darling was scratching the entire book only to find out there were no flaps! LOL!

She's also into opening books and turning its pages. I can always find her in a corner trying to pry open the books with her cute little fingers.

Now that we are reading to her, i find our library trips have become more challenging than before! We always max out all our cards- that's 24 books! And we visit the library every week! Yes, we read ALL the books- over and over and over again till i get really sick- that's why i insist we go change weekly! We must be a ridiculous sight after each trip with us lugging the kids and 2 very heavy bags!

Well, although our flashcards are not as successful as i like it to be, I'm still happy that she is taking to reading well- i sure hope it stays this way!

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