Sunday, March 18, 2012

Asia Continent

I am re-visiting my series of Geography lessons with sonshine, starting with the Asia continent-where else.
I actually did this with sonny a few years back but stopped until i was inspired to do it again by Counting Coconuts and Chasing Cheerios.
The one we had was shaky so i decided to remake the map. This time i used a combination of laminate, sturdier toothpicks, Styrofoam to make it usable. This activity is a DIY version of Montessori's Continent map work, by the way.

Sonshine enjoyed this activity. He had to insert each flag onto the correct location. I don't know if he remembers what he has learnt from some time back but he managed to locate each country quite quickly. I didn't make all the countries in Asia but i made most of them (not all flags are shown on the photo).

I also made capital cities and had Sonshine match them on the map. I was pleased that he could recall most of the capital cities and didn't had much problem with this either.

Lastly, matching the national costumes with the countries on the map.

All in all, i am pleased that the sonny is able to locate the major countries in Asia. He has even learnt which countries are part of South East Asia, which are part of Middle East. Even i had fun with this! Daddy says Mommy's geography has improved (from hopeless) after researching and making this activity for the boy. That is quite true, LOL!

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