Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mutiple Fractions

Adventures of Bear did a fraction activity with her daughter which inspired me. So i thought of one for sonshine.

First, i made card labels.

Sonshine took out an equation label. We first determine we are to count by halves 4 times (for this particular example).

Then he took out 4 halves cards.

Sonshine joined the halves to make into full circles. We counted how many wholes there are- and that would be our answer!
Sonshine worked on the rest of the equations.

After this activity, i discovered sonshine was able to give me all the answers mentally- including those equations we didn't work on.

At first, i was taken aback. Then i figured he must have remembered that i once told him that half of say 4 is 2, half of 8 is 4 etc.

But i never presented it in multiplication format until now, so i am still puzzled how he figured that both forms are actually the same. Anyway, i guess its great that he can multiply in halves and that he enjoyed this activity very much.

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