Friday, March 30, 2012

Wrapping Up: Asia Continent

Here are some of the activities we did to finish up our journey in Asia Continent.

Sonshine re-did the map.
This time, i used an uncolored map (i colored the previous map to help him differentiate the countries). I wanted to see if he was memorising the countries by its color or location. Turns out, he remembered them by location since he poked all the flags in their places as swiftly as ever.

We did Asia Continent puzzles.

Sonshine had a brief read on an Atlas book that Poppy (he calls his grandma that) bought for him.

Sonshine made these Asia landmarks with his papa (who did most all of the work). There is the Taj Mahal (India), Great wall of china and 2 new landmarks he learnt were Gyongbokkung (South Korea) & Minato Mirai 21 (Japan).

These are an outline maps of the countries in Asia. Sonshine had to match the maps to the correct countries.

I realised we have spent alot of time in Asia, or rather we have been doing repeated work on this continent. So it's time to move on! NExt stop, Europe!

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