Monday, March 5, 2012

A non-homeschooling thought

Okay, by writing this post, i may be inviting alot of bashing. But... i have a nagging question in my head that just wouldn't go away. I am, by no means,  judging anyone i am just thinking out loud & well curious.

Personally, i enjoy reading blogs, mostly educational ones. Recently, i discovered some local family blogs- i enjoy reading them too. It makes a difference when i get to see the face behind the blogs, their family and children, dog photos etc. It makes it more personal.

Still, i am quite baffled why most bloggers have no qualms putting their photos up for all to see. I mean, some post can be quite personal- it's like a diary, everyone reads it. By putting up photos, it makes it even more open because now not only everyone knows your inner thoughts, they also know who you are, your name, your wife's name, your children's name, your dog's name...!

Not only that, putting photos of their house, neighbourhood etc. Tell you something, i actually recognised one of the bloggers photos and i know where that blogger lives. How scary is that? I mean, i could be some stalker with evil intentions, you know?

Also, we may have common friends. I was once invited to a party by a church friend and lo & behold, a blogger was invited too. I didn't introduce myself (because we never really 'spoken' to each other on our blogs and I'm not sure she even reads my blog). I don't really read her blog either but i was just thinking what if someone else has been following her blog and knows her every thoughts, her likes, dislikes, what she has been up to recently or what classes her kids are attending, when she travelled recently etc etc? What if that someone, like me, choose not to introduce herself, but instead watch this blogger & her family from afar? Or worst, decides to follow the family? It's like the blogger is in the light but the well, you can call him, the stalker, is in the dark? Or or or what if, some nut case recognises the blogger's kids in school or in the streets and decides to lure them away by using all the personal information on the blogger's page? Like "oh your dog, bobby, is dying! i know where it is, let me take you there!".

I know, i know, i am paranoid. I am a worry wort. And such thing rarely happen. That i admit. But, really, i rather take precautions, thank you very much. I do not want to be recognise on the street or have some stranger come up to me and ask 'yo, so you are back from your holiday in Australia eh? How was it?'. That would absolutely freak me out!

So, i don't know. Is there something i am missing here? I feel like i am the only odd ball in this blogsphere who refuses to put her and her kids' photos up here. Not that i am feeling out of place, I will continue to be strictly private in this blog, all in the name of protecting my children. So, i am really sorry to that reader who had asked me to connect with him. I feel uncomfortable- unless i already know you personally. To all others who would like to connect with me, i apologise. But i would be happy to connect with you through this blog. :)


  1. Hiya

    I stumbled upon your blog and found it interesting. Totally agree that I love to blog but I also like to protect my kids identity, at least a little. I also find it funny when some bloggers put up photos of their kids but put a black rectangle across their eyes. Duhhhhh. ;)

  2. Lol! You made me chuckle! Duuuuuh indeed!!


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