Thursday, March 1, 2012

Multiple Fraction-completed!

The day after we did the multiplication in 1/2s activity, sonshine asked to do the 1/3s. Of course, i happily obliged. After completing 2-3 equations he asked to stop and i was ok with that too because i knew he has gotten it.

The point of this activity was so that sonshine understands why say 4 X 1/2 becomes 2. I just wanted to make this point loud and clear. When he understood that, i felt comfortable to show him that dividing 4 by 2 is the same as multiplying 4 by 1/2. So i randomly gave him other equations like what is 20 X 1/4 or what is 18 X 1/9 etc- equations we didn't practise at all. He was able to give me all the answers mentally and i knew he has gotten it. Awesome! I don't have to make the rest of the equations- yippee!!

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