Thursday, March 1, 2012

四五快读- Part 2

I notice that the 四五快读 words that are close either in pronunciation or sight are deliberately selected such that the child learns them back to back. I don't know why is that so (did i miss something she said on the first 30 page?).

Anyway, i appreciate that it this way because it enables me to help sonshine to identify these words without confusion.

Here's how i teach him:

For instance these 2 words look very similar but they sound very differently and have different meanings. In the begnining, sonshine mixed the 2 words up which is quite understandable. But i told him that 学 has 3 'raindrops' on the top while 字 has only one. Straight away, he could differentiate the two words and had no problems reading these words.

These 2 words are different in sight but has the same hanyu pinyin but different sound. Since sonshine is very familiar with 学, so i told him that 雪 sounds the same except that we must say it lower (in tone). That worked too!

I shared this before. These 2 words sound exactly the same but written very differently and has meanings that are worlds apart. But it helped sonshine to recognise 目 after i told him it reads exactly like 木.

Ok ok, it's not very pro way of teaching but hey- i got the job done *dust hands*!
That aside, i made sure he also understands the meaning of each and every word. I think it is pointless if he can read but doesn't know the meaning. I, of course, had to explain the meanings in English. :I

Some of the post activity i did with sonshine. I made simple close passage worksheets for him. Note, i deliberately gave words that looks and sound the same in the multiple choice, as i wanted to make sure he knows which is the correct word for that particular phrase.

My own version of chinese scrabble! I made simple boards with different words as the key word. Here in this picture, the key word is 大 (highlighted in red). I wanted sonshine to know and learn that the word can be combined with other words to make new words (with different meanings). The game goes such that each of us had to draw a card and match it to the board. When that's done, we read out the words- and i explain the meaning to him at the same time.

I have to say, i am exhausted trying to whipped out post activities for him. This Mandarin words are endless, there are so many combinations to make with so many new meanings to learn. So, i guess i may not do again for the next few books, we'll see.

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  1. hi there,

    nice idea! :)
    thanks for sharing.
    I am also into si wu kuai du series with my 4 yr old gal..:)


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