Sunday, March 18, 2012

School holiday fun

Normally, i would turn into a headless chicken when the school holidays draw near but this March holiday was an exception because it last only one week! I had it all planned! I signed him up for holiday classes (so i could have him out of the house & keep my sanity) for the first half and daddy took off from work during the later half.

I was suppose to join some mummy bloggers for a holiday class. But due to a technical slip up (my email correspondence went into my 'bulk mail' folder without my realising and didn't prompt me with a notification), i missed it.
:( What a shame, i was so very looking forward to meeting the other mummies. I am so sorry, i hope i didn't caused any inconvenience to anyone. I do hope to join in the next round.

On a brighter note, sonshine had a packed week filled with activities.

Art class.
He came back with these beautiful Aboriginal art! Glad i signed him for it!

The later part of the week was spent aimlessly but meaningfully. Er, quite a paradox isn't it? Aimless because daddy & mommy didn't make any concrete plans and were clueless where we should head. Meaningful because, despite the last minute, impromptu dash to a place, it always turned out well & good.

So where did our unplan itinerary took us?

Singapore Science Center.

Sonshine was resistant at first because it was very dim and noisy. But we made a wise decision to head straight to the Mathematics section where he immediately warmed up!

He's favourite part were this spiral thing (sorry i didn't read the instruction, i have no idea what it is called) where you take a ball and throw the ball into it & watch the ball spiral down into a hole.

The other part of Science Center he was upbeat about. You place a ball right at the top and watch it roll down the slope. I took a second to explain about potential and kinetic energy but like he was listening!

A visit to his favourite Arcade.

He loves this bowling game & i don't mind him playing either because it's really about eye-hand coordination and involves some physics! Bwahahahaha!

Water play which didnt turn out well.

We thought he would love the water play but we forgot he isn't like a typical kid. He didn't like it and we left the place in 10 minutes and dry.

A trip to an outdoor playground (that boy in the picture is not sonshine by the way) where he played hysterically wild with an older girl. Later announcing to us that 'I AM SWEATING!'.

A trip to the Park.

Sonshine declared 'I don't want to go church. I am sick. I am coughing. I want to go Park'. So, being the obedient & responsible parents we are, we skipped church and head for the outdoors instead.

It was a nice leisure Sunday.

Dusting sand off his feet.

Taking a ride on a go-kart with daddy

It was a great one-week school holiday- well at least for me! Time to switch gears and back to school mode!

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