Monday, February 13, 2012

Handwriting with Love

My amateur effort in making something 'lovely', didn't quite turn out what i had in mind. :(

I LOVE February!

It's Valentine's month- and my birthday month of course!

Can you just smell the love in the air?

I made valentine's theme Handwriting kit. Sonshine wrote the words "Love, kiss, hearts, hug" first on the individual cards. Then i had him write proper on a paper- 4 times for each word. The boy also learnt to spell these words as he wrote.

Love, love that he's succeeding in writing- although i can't say he is loving (i am using alot of 'love' words aren't i? well, love, love, love!!) it as much. :I But i am very pleased that he is making an effort- albeit sometimes he makes me feel like pulling my hair out!

My husband thinks it isn't necessary to make him write on the line so precisely. But i disagree. I want him to get it right from the beginning. Otherwise, he might think what he is doing is correct but only to unlearn again later- which may be more challenging as he grows older.

So i made my own writing paper with lines. I divided each section with 3 lines, a top and bottom line- both highlighted in red and a middle, dotted line in blue. I taught N that for tall letters like 'l, h, k', we must touch the top and end it on the bottom line. Short letters cannot go beyond the blue line. I even made him leave a finger spacing between each word! And yes, this is Spalding's method. Told you- it is very precise.

So happy Valentine's with your lovelies everyone!

I'll leave you with a love message from my Father in heaven:

"... i have loved you with an everlasting love" Jeremiah 31:3


  1. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to an amazing Mom... Happy Birthday to you!!

  2. Wahahah this is the last place I would expect to recieve a birthday wish! Thank you- look who's talking? YOU are the amazing mom! :))


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