Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pincer grasp

Babydoll is now 9 months. Oh how i love this stage!

She's so adorable, so fun, so responsive! She's well aware of her surroundings and responsive to what we say. Now, whenever we say 'LIGHTS!' or 'FAN!" she would tilt her head up and look for the lights or our ceiling fan. She would instantly turn her head toward the door whenever i yell to the kids ' PAPA IS HOME!' (oh how we all love to hear that!).

The other day i showed & taught her 2 toys, a fish and sausage. I held them on each hand and asked her where's the fish- she immediately reached out for the said toy!

I am doing flashcards with her and still finding our rhythm. Babydoll, unlike her brother, can't really sit and look at the cards. I tried to test her but she isn't responding as well as her brother. It makes me think that sonshine is a visual learner while babydoll learns better by hearing (based on my play with her i shared above).

That aside, here is an activity i recently introduced to her

I took out our Montessori knobbed cylinder not for her to do but for her to practise her pincer grasp. Babydoll loves to pick up her Gerber snack puffs and put in her mouth too!

Babydoll discovering that using her mouth to remove is WAAAY faster! LOL!

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