Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dear Sonshine

2011 was a great year for us, a year of breakthroughs and first. Let's see

1) You started a new school. I was concerned that you'd have trouble adpating but you proved me otherwise. On the first day, you skipped to school, smiled at every staff in school and put on a cheeky grin during assembly- not a day without ever since.

It was also the first time you performed in a concert. I know how reluctant you are about doing action along with a song but you overcame it. You were resistant at first but only became comfortable when the teachers allowed you to stand right at the back. (LOL!)  I was brought to tears seeing you perform, never mind that your movements were imperfect- you made me the proudest mom!

2) You became a big brother. I was worried how you would embrace the new member of the family. But again, my worries were unfounded. You accepted her as part of the family like she's been with us from day one. You didn't show any jealousy much to my relief but neither are you mad about your sister; just sitting on the fence. :P

3) Your speech has improved although you still have difficulty putting your thoughts into words. You tend to get uncomfortable when i ask you to word out how you feel, what you think, describe your day. But still, you are able to communicate clearly and unlike before, all to hear you can understand you. Right now, speech to you is for functional purposes- to communicate your needs and not relational (except to us)- to make new friends etc. Still, i am very proud that you are where you are because it is a huge improvement.

4) Now older, your personality is coming through. You are still the little cheery boy- i didn't nickname you sonshine for nothing. As surely as the sun rises, you would bring on your smiles, brightness and cheerful nature Although, you've become a little whiny and emotional for my liking- crying or rather shrieking at every frustration you feel. But still, i appreciate that you have never thrown a tantrum at us. The word 'angry' and 'meltdown' don't seem to exist in your dictionary. Yes, you would feel frustration but always at the situation and never at a person. I also am very proud that after every bout of crying, you recover quickly. Just a 3 minute hug will get you back to yourself.

Sonshine, you constantly make me very proud. You are like a trophy presented to me by God; i can stand on the podium and raise my prize possesion proudly for all to see. I am regretful that last year, i had to shift my focus and attention on babydoll such that my time with you is mostly spent on barking instructions, nagging and losing patience at you. I literally lifted my hands off you. But i am grateful that you've shown no resentment toward me nor your sister. You are still that little sunny, happy boy, unfazed by the change in the family dynamics.

You are always our sonshine, our pride, our joy. Thank you for being you, for being our son. My hope is that you will always remain happy and walk in the ways of the Lord. Here's to more happy, joyful days in 2012!

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  1. very sweet letter.

    I got all misty eyed there.



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