Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sense of control

 Babydoll goes where she wants to go, she reaches for things she wants to reach- all by herself. I guess that's what Montessori meant by control of environment?

Well, either way, it isn't always pleasant for sonshine because she tends to destroy his toy creations and that makes him really upset- although he has never gotten angry at her.

Still, this is a victorious milestone for babydoll.
Oh manz, i really don't want to celebrate this because it only means you are growing up too fast! :(

Pulling herself up to stand




  1. OMG She's such a Big Girl!!! Sooo cute, God Bless her!!

  2. Your chubby Babydoll makes me think of my nephew when he was a toddler. So cute and adorable. I missed those days

  3. hahaha, babydoll isn't as big and chubby as she appears to be in these photos. She's actually quite small....

    1. I hope to have a niece like Babydoll to play with :)
      I need your help on Montessori learning tools.
      Please drop me a email

  4. Be free, I'm really sorry, my email is for personal use but how may I help you? :)

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