Saturday, February 18, 2012

More Simple Mandarin read

Here are more simple Mandarin books we are reading this week:


After reading Anthony Browne's 我爸爸, it is rightful we read this book! I mean, mothers need to be honored too you know! Again, i love this book because it is very simple (for me to read-aloud) and its short so Sonshine don't feel so torturous reading it.


We read this book in English and love it! So, i thought it would be a good idea to read its Chinese version. I was delighted to learn that the words are easy enough even for the little one to understand. If you are teaching your kid about color mixing, this is a great start. It tells of a story about how a little blue and a little yellow turned into green.


Sonshine and i adore this book! Another simple read with an endearing storyline about how a man made friend with Mr moon and the activities they shared together. I reckon this is another translated book.


  1. Yeah, the little blue and little yellow is quite cute. There's one book we just read the week before "999 tadpoles" . really funny!!!! Look for it in the library!

  2. ooooo! I love book recommendations! THanks much, will look it up! :))


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