Friday, February 10, 2012

It's a Tsunami... says my husband when he comes home. The everyday state of my house looks like a tornado had just blown by! But he isn't annoyed, more amused. If anything, i am the  (only) one who's disturb by the mess. But ironically, i wouldn't have it any other way. I prefer to let babydoll to crawl and explore freely which of course result in the sad state of my haven!

This is the daily state of our reading corner:

Well, at least someone is reading!

I knew i was doing it right when i read up on Montessori for babies here. Okay, maybe the pure Montessori followers would cry foul because the correct way is to provide an organised exploration, but hey- at least i got the principle right! :P

I don't create baskets here and there nor a designated area for babydoll to explore like what Montessori specifically recommends but i allow her to move around the house, grab anything (not dangerous), pull herself up on any furniture etc. There is much freedom and little restriction. When we are home, she is on the floor 98% of the time, 1% on her chair and 1% being carried. Although we have a playpen and crib, we rarely put her in there. I don't buy those play fence because i find it restricts her exploring. I want her to explore as long as possible, i want her to crawl as much as possible.

Some of the points raised in the article worth highlighting:


1) "...movement is associated with the development of the brain"

2) "When a child learns to create movement in their environment they will feel that they have control which in turn can later develop into a strong self esteem"

So for now, i'll live with the mess! I'll  just make her pay back when she's old enough to be my maid  helper!

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