Thursday, March 24, 2011

Telling the Time- half hour

Sonshine knows how to tell the time by the hour and i've moved on to teach him to tell the time by half hour.

I used this clock which i bought from Popular bookshop to teach him. The difficult part about teaching time by half hour is that the hour hand points somewhere between the two numbers. For instance, if its 9:30, the hour hand doesn't point directly at '9' but between '9' & '10'. Hence, N took awhile to tell the time.

I told him- (DO NOT FOLLOW ME, THIS METHOD IS SO WRONG) to take the smaller number. So between '9' & '10', '9' is smaller, so its 9:30. :P This is not accurate as it cannot be applied to '12:30'.

I bought the above cards-again from Popular bookstore, and used it to practise with N. He was still hesitant but seem to be getting the hang of it. We'll practise more! 

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