Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dunk it!

I know, this is a homeschool blog but i am so happy with my purchase that i just had to come here and rave about it!

We bought a basketball stand for sonshine boy! I like it because its very sturdy not like a typical toy that's made of flimsy material. Its realistic, the height is just right for toddlers like sonshine boy. Its also adjustable, so it can 'grow' along with the boy! 

The reason for our purchase is because the boy recently develop a liking for shooting basketballs. But the basketballs loops at the courts are too high for the boy and daddy has to carry him up-not that it helps. So this is just right for the boy! More importantly, we felt that it is a good way to hone his motor skills.

Now, we can have some outdoor play, indoors!


  1. hi can i check where did u get the net from? toys r us?

  2. I bought this at a toy shop in IMM. Couldnt find it at Toysrus.


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