Friday, March 4, 2011

Maths Puzzle

When my sister handed me this Maths puzzle last Christmas, i thought it'd be a long while (like 1 year later) before N can do this. I didn't expect that 2 months later, N will be capable of doing this maths puzzle.

There are 3 sets of puzzles in this box. Each set comes with an answer sheet. On each answer sheet and behind each puzzle piece are equations or numbers. For instance, on this particular piece of puzzle is the sum '2+0='. The child is to look for the answer on the answer sheet and place the piece on it. Or there would be an equation on the answer sheet '3+4=' and the child is to look for the puzzle piece that has the answer.

Sonshine boy enjoyed this puzzle very much and asked to do all 3 in a seating. Unfortunately, (my dear sister if you are reading this) one set has 2 missing puzzles!! Anyway, i think this is such a creative way to practise maths!

I'm anticipating that i'll be asked where this was purchased. Erm, i am not sure. But, i do know that Popular book stores carry this brand's (Creatives) puzzles-however i'm not sure if they have this particular puzzle.

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