Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mandarin lessons

After realising sonshine boy's mandarin came to a standstill last year, i went on a mad spree searching and purchasing Chinese books. I bought, not 5, not 20 but 80 over books in a breath!

At first i really didn't know how and where to start teaching him. But i realised N picked up a sizable number of English vocabulary just by listening me read aloud to him every night. I have to sidetrack here and share that since N was younger i started a rigorous reading regime with him. I read a set (maybe 10 over books) of English and Chinese books to him at least 3 times a day- in a seating. Sonshine enjoyed it and could sit on my lap for as long as i was willing to read. But alas, my stamina wasn't compatible to his appetite for books! Sad to say, its down to just one time a day (or rather night) now. Every night, we would read at least 7-10 English books in a sitting. Again, the boy would like to read more but i cannot allow it otherwise it would over-run into his bedtime. :(

Anyway, i began my mandarin 'lesson' by reading 5-7 Chinese books every night (on top of the English books). As i had expected it worked like magic! Sonshine's mandarin has improved and he has picked up a number of Chinese words, even learnt to converse in Mandarin (simple ones of course, mummy's mandarin ain't that fantastic either)! Whoo-hoo!


  1. haha - my mandarin very bad! But improved along with baby's. haha.

  2. definately! mine improved along with boy's too! LOL! All i can say is the boy's mandarin has surpassed his daddy's (and that's how bad papa's mandarin is too!).

  3. Wow, great work with this! This is inspiring me to do more Chinese with Emily! We have some basic books which she loves, but I really need to go out and get more. Any good titles/series of books to recommend? And where do you get your beautiful flashcards from? Are they DIY or from a pre-made set?

  4. the erm BEAUTIFUL flashcards were made by a....manufacturer! Ha! I bought it long ago from Singapore motherhood forum. I haven't seen a smiliar BP recently but will give out a shout to you if i do see one! I'll write about the chinese books some time and take pictures!


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