Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Multiplication exercise

Doodle board is now my new best friend! I can whip it out anytime and conduct a mini lesson! No preparation, no cutting, no pasting, no laminating! What a time saver (& life saver)! That said, i wish i had more energy & time for sonshine boy. I've not been having proper lessons with him and i can tell his attention span is dwindling. :( Sigh.

Anyway, as an ongoing lesson on multiplication, i showed N another perspective of the topic. I drew 3 circles for example, and stamped 2 horses in each set. I have him determine how many horses are there in EACH set. I then asked him how many times must we add 2. Pointing at each circle, I'd say 2+2+2! Following which, I'd point at each circle again and count 1,2,3! 3 times! So 2X3=? (OKAY, now i know it's suppose to be 3X2). How many altogether? Sonshine boy would count them in twos and give me the answer.

I did this with him over a variety of equations on the 2 & 3 times table.

I caught him a few times drawing and stamping on the board all by himself. And he would determine the equation. Too bad, i wasn't quick enough to snap a shot.

But i managed to snap this! He drew 2 circles with nothing in it...and he showed me and said 'zero!'. Yes, he has determined that 0X2 equals 0. :) How cute!

I am not sure if he has gotten the concept 100%. Sometimes he seems to get it sometimes he needs a little help. Oh well, maths is about practise and practise and more practise right?


  1. Yeah, practice makes prefect! Anyway, I personally think Sonshine boy has always amaze me with his intelligence and make you proud of him!^-^

  2. Amazing as always!!! Don't have an idea of how much I enjoy reading your posts!!! I let you an award on my blog...because you Inspire me!!
    Big Hugs!!


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