Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pot of Gold

Sonshine is more or less proficient in counting the dollars, so we're moving on to counting coins.

First, i laid down a set of similar denominations on the table i.e. 5 cents. Sonshine counted them in 5s for 5 cents, 10s for 10 cents, 20s for 20 cents. This is easy when the child already knows to skip count.

After which, i randomly took out a set of coins and have him count. This require the child to know some basic addition. For the above & similar combinations, he has no problems calculating the coins.

However, he seems to get confused when i add in more coins of varying denominations. I found that he could count easily if we counted the larger amount first. I.e. count all the 20 cents, than 10 cents than 5 cents. He seems to get confuse if i mix it up, or if he is required to add randomly i.e. 5 cents add, 20 cents, etc. I think he knows to add in small digits only ie. 20 + 5 not, 5 +20, although he knows the two equations are the same, somehow he still gets confuse when counting the coins.

As you can see, i have opted out the 50 cents coin to keep things simple at the moment. When he becomes more confident, i'll add it in subsequently.


  1. Missed your post for quite some times! Sonshine is doing great, so proud of him!

  2. HELLO!! *WAVES* yeah, i haven't been touching the puter for awhile now! Lots of things to catch up....but i have been reading your blog! ;)


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