Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Maths activity

As a substitute for my lack of homeschooling, i bought a set of activity books for Sonshine.  Okay, i admit, its more like Maths assessment books for kindergarten 2. Now there- that made me sound like a 'kiasu' mom! :(

We randomly worked on some pages, mainly on addition & subtraction. Here's some of the exercises we did.


Unfortunately, i had to write down the answers for him because he still refused to do it. :I

Problem solving.

Sonshine read, counted, calculated all on his own. I am pleased that he completely understood the questions and was able to answer them. Just that...I HAD TO WRITE IT DOWN FOR HIM!!

Matching the addition sums.

He did this is all on his own INCLUDING drawing the lines.

Another problem sum, this time it is on subtraction. We did similar problems on addition (no picture). Again with little or no guidance, he understood the questions, was able to identify if the problem was addition or subtraction and provided the correct answers.

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