Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tracing Alphabets

I was at a friend's house who has an older son, due for Primary school in 1 year. I flipped through her pile of assesment books for the 5 year old boy and noticed that alot of the exercises require the child to handle a pen really well. Call me 'kiasu' but i panicked on the spot. It dawned on me i haven't been letting N doodle with a pen! So how would he know how to write?
So, off i went to print out this tracing alphabet activity from a website, whipped out a marker and had N trace! Well, as expected of any 2 year old, he started scribbling instead. But with some guidance and stern instructions, he proved to me that he was able to follow the lines. PHEW! This will be a continous activity for sure!

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