Thursday, December 10, 2009

BY 2.5 YRS OLD...

N will be 2.5 years old come Jan. Im constantly amazed and very proud of what he has acheived this far. Here's what he has learnt from mummy's homeschool:

1) can recognise a sizeable number of english & mandarin words (fruits, vege, animals, parts of body, countries, action words, people etc)
2) knows phonics (not to mention alphabets)
3) can count from 0 to 50.
4) knows the world continents & their specific locations on the map
5) knows the solar system & the order of each planet
6) recognises body organs (bladder, pancreas, testis, ovary brain etc)
7) understands the concept of thick & thin, long & short, big & small (thanks to the montessori games of course)
8) knows the volumeric shapes like cylinder, sphere, cube, cone (not to mention basic shapes like circle, square etc)
9) can recognise world flags and country names

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