Thursday, December 17, 2009

Moveable Alphabet

Any Montessori mother will know that purchasing the montessori materials can be very costly. I especially like the Movable Alphabet activity (so does N) but i cannot convince myself to buy a set. I used to just display the alphabets on the floor, but i soon found out that its very messy & disorganise this way. I was contemplating if i should get one. Until recently, i found the above trays from Daiso which comes with little compartments that can fit the alphabets nicely. Now, this activity is less confusing and more organised (and i need not spend on the expensive Montessori tray)!
POST NOTE I got to add that this activity is really great for teaching children the meaning of alphabets. I've never taught N alphabets- and deliberately so. The reason: alphabets are actually very hard to teach. How do you teach a toddler the meaning of say 'a'? Hence, i made sure that his first contact with the English language are the full words so that he understands that each word has a meaning & words are used to communicate our thoughts. Now that he knows this, and with this actvitiy, N has learnt and seen for himself (without me having to explain) that every word is made up of individual alphabets and hence understands the purpose of the alphabets.

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