Friday, December 18, 2009

Daily Routine

It may seem that i spend alot of hours teaching N each day. Truth is, i only take about 20mins or so for my home school program everyday. Each activity we play takes up only about 1 min or even a few seconds! I try not to plan too many activities in a day because i don't want N to get bored. Also, the attention span of children this age is relatively short. Hence, each activity has to be short & quick but yet the message gets across clearly. Moreover, N masters each activity and gets bored with them very quickly. On the contrary, i spend hours and hours preparing the materials (only to have N master them in mere minutes). Some activities need massive planning and preparation. Also, some require tedious handiwork that's very time consuming and time is not what i always have. Yet, i enjoy every moment of it because nothing beats witnessing your child gaining knowledge and skill through the things you plan. Any, i have diviated from my main point. I was going to say how little time is needed to teach our children. All we need is a few minutes of our time to do it. Any mother can do it, not just stay home mothers whom many think have the luxury of time. Alot of the materials can be purchased, so preparing the materials should not be an issue. It's really amazing how just 20 minutes a day can go a long way for the child.

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