Friday, December 18, 2009

More & Less

Here's how i teach N the concept of 'more' and 'less'. I wrote the 2 words on 2 seperate cards and prepared my numeral number cards and red dots number cards. I started by teaching him to read the words. Then i took 2 red dot cards (i.e 8 and 2) and showed him that the card with 8 red dots is more and place the card above the word card that says 'more'. I took the 2 red dots card and told him that this was less and place it above the card 'less'. I did this with several other items like a bowl of 1 marble compared to a bowl of many marbles etc so to make sure he understands the meaning of both words.

Once he understood the concept, i added another step to the game which is to have him match the numeral card to the respective red dots card. Once he has placed all the cards in place, i'd point out to him that 8 is more than 2 and make him repeat after me.

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