Thursday, December 17, 2009

Asia Continent

Since N has mastered the world continents, i decided to take another step and teach him the countries in Asia. I printed out the map free from a Montessori website (cannot remember which one, oops) and have it enlarged. I painstakingly colored the various countries to help N differentiate.

I've also cut out each country (but not perfectly, its very hard to cut along curved lines..especially tough to cut countries with small islands!) so that N can match them onto the map. Also, i did some word labels so that he can match the country name to the correct location. So far, he has learnt where China, India, Indonesia, Japan & Thailand are. My concern is if he'd be able to spot these countries from a real map & if he knows that this is Asia (though he is able to point to the correct continents on the map).

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