Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sharpening Listening Skills

N's has this tractor toy that makes animal sounds when the right buttons are pushed. It comes with respective animal (cow, sheep, horse, chicken, pig) mini toys too. I once take out the animals and hide the tractor behind me. I would then press the buttons and have N to give me the animal that makes that particular sound.
Since the game was pretty easy for him, i decided to raise the level by a notch. I took out mandarin flashcards, representing each of the animal. Again, i hid the tractor but this time, i got him to give me the word instead of the animal. We had fun! (And i was surprised too that he scored perfectly in this game!)
(ok im getting way irritated with blogspot. How come i can't get a proper spacing for my paragraphs!!??)

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