Thursday, December 17, 2009

Phonics part II

I played the game 'I spy' with N, using the same phonic materials i made earlier. I took out 3 pictures with different sounds and asked him to give me the picture that starts with the sound 'a', 'b' or 'c'. This is a sequel to my first phonic lesson with him. I said earlier he didn't seem to get the phonic lesson, but he was able to play this game perfectly. He could give me the correct picture. Hmm, perhaps i was wrong? So far, i've only took out 3 sounds from 'a' to 'c'. My next step is to introduce to him, 'd', 'e' & 'f'.


  1. Wow, I'm impressed! This variation on I-Spy is a really effective, fun way of developing phonological awareness, but I didn't know that such young children could get it. Good to know! I work for a company that provides an online reading scheme for kids aged 6-9 (we're called Easyread) and we encourage parents to do this from the word go, because it really does make a big difference.

  2. Hello Rachel!

    First, thanks for the note. :)

    Actually, this I-spy game was taken out from a Montessori activity. Yes, its pretty effective & it gives the parent/teacher an idea if the child has grasp the phonics sounds. By the way, he can't speak yet. :)

    Wow! I love your job already! Very noble and must be extremely satisfying to see the children learn to read. I wish i was in this line!

    Oh yes, i very much believe that children can be taught virtually anything no matter how young they are (ok not anything- most things).


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