Sunday, January 15, 2012

iplay, icreate

Sonny Sonshine has a really pack schedule each day. No, his mama didn't pack his day with home teaching-he is too busy...

Building Angry Bird structure using Legos, pretending to destroy the imaginary pigs with pretend birds (Lego pieces).

Pretending that mama's wardrobe is a train, sliding the doors open & close while announcing "DOORS ARE CLOSING *tu tu tu tu tu*". Some days he would place his Lego men inside the wardrobe, pretending that they are on board the train. We would hear him say 'XXX (he makes up his own train station name) station, Please mind the platform gap'.

Once, i even 'board' the train with him. I almost fainted, it was so stuffy, so claustrophobic but the boy refused to let me out since i have not arrived my 'destination'. It was quite an experience.

Making an overhead train station using his Thomas Train toys.

Another Lego man, on another train.

While big brother busy himself in his imaginary world, little sister rummages through his Tomica Carpark toy. Another aspiring transport minister in the house?

I just love how kids pretend play. Don't you?

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