Sunday, January 8, 2012


I rarely blog about babydoll last year just 'cause she was still at the infancy stage. But she has quickly become a little explorer in her own right.

Typically, i try to allow her to explore without any restriction unless of course it crosses the safety boundary. I use to allow sonshine to mess up anything, cupboards, shelves etc. I wanted to encourage him to explore and not restrict his curiosity. However, this time, it is really hard to give babydoll free reign, since i'm the one who has to tidy up & i don't have as much time as before!

At this stage, it's all about sensory; touching, feeling, tasting (arrg). At one stage, she was into balls. So i gathered whatever i had and dump them in a little container. If you noticed, the balls come in different size and texture.

The Happy and intrigue explorer

Hold your breathe, ladies & gentlemen..the explorer digs her hands into a box of (gasp) LEGOs! Do not worry, mama watches her with eagle eyes and makes sure nothing small goes into her mouth! As i said, i try to let her touch and feel as many things as she wants. I want to encourage her to explore & discover. so yes, even Legos are allowed.

She has started to crawl at about 7/8 months. She doesn't like to crawl actually but is warming up to it. But unlike her brother, she crawls for just a while and then looks up at me for cries for help (ARRRRRG).

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