Monday, January 16, 2012

Adding in 2-digits

Ever since, we did the Montessori stamp game (addition), the boy has been able to add in 2 digits. Today, i whipped out the ipad just to practise. We had fun adding 2 (and more) digit sums together.

I just love how the boy gets so so so so excited whenever we do home teaching stuff like this. I love how i do not need to force him to learn, i love how he so readily, so excitedly, so willingly joins me for, what i call, homeschool-minutes (because that's as long as my 'lessons' last!).

I love how he loves learning. :)

I gave him a sum and he worked on it independently.

He was excited when i showed him we can add the same way in hundreds and even thousands. He has caught on the concept and was able to work on the sums pretty much on his own.

Since i was at it, i showed him how to subtract ( 2 digits) by borrowing over. He seems to have understood but i think i will use the Montessori stamp game to illustrate again.  

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