Friday, January 6, 2012


ISBN: 7509403324, 9787509403327

Some Chinese fairy must have sprinkled magic dust all over me, i feel a sudden surge of inspiration and energy to read Mandarin books with N (gasp!). I'll share more of this later.

But, here's a book i chanced upon recently. I love it so much that i had to come here and share.

It's a simple book, VERY simple book about a loose star-shaped button that had dropped on the floor. The book takes the readers on a quest to search for its owner. Was it the snowman's? No, his buttons are circle in shape. Was it the witch's? No, her's triangle. Was it the King's? No, he owns square shape buttons. OH! It belongs to a little child!

If you're teaching your kids about shapes in mandarin, this book is just about right to read to them. As i said, it is a very simple book. I borrowed it, even though, N knows his shapes in Mandarin, because i wanted to intrigue him, entice him to mandarin books. THis book was beautifully written and worked on Sonshine just the way i wanted!

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