Tuesday, January 10, 2012

贪心的小绵羊- book review

ISBN: 9787532478941, 7532478947

Here's another lovely mandarin book to share. I have to say that some mandarin words are quite alien to me but i am proud i managed (well enough to understand the story)!

It's about this little sheep who was unsatisfied with himself. He thinks he is too small, too slow as compared with the other sheep. He went on an eating spree till he grew bigger, bigger than his friends, bigger than the forest and soon big enough to eat the globe! He stopped eating when he was satisfied with his size but soon realised he was all alone (cause he ate the whole earth including his sheep friends). He felt lonely and sad. Suddenly, he felt the urge to throw up. He threw up everything he ate, including his friends. Soon, everything was back to normal, even his size.
He felt relieved and happy that he was himself again.

Yes, it is a story about accepting oneself & being satisfied with what you have. What you desire may not exactly be the best thing.

Lovely story with lovely graphics. Initially, sonshine wasn't interested (because it was a rather wordy mandarin book- erm by our standards) and sat at the other far end of the bed. But once the story picked up, he quickly came over and even made me flip back the pages so that he can keep up. *SCORE!*

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