Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thinking out Loud

I was sharing with a friend my general plan for N's academic path. I told her i plan to 'crash course' all that i can teach before he turns 5. To which she asked why i can't just let him be a 3 year old?

At that point, i felt accused of being 'kiasu' i.e. too academic driven. My immediate reaction was to turn defensive but as i cooled down, i realised my friends & perhaps readers of this blog have mistaken that i have been drilling my son all day long. If so, i blame it on the words i use and my presentation that inevitably gave the wrong impression. Anyone who reads this blog may think that im lacking in the other stimulants in my parenting. That's because i set this blog up just to purely share about his cognitive activities.

Truth is, i spend 15 minutes or no more than 30 minutes doing the activities with N each time. In fact, it is NOT a daily event, only twice (at most) each week. The rest of the time its free play for N. Come to think of it, his free play is more than his 'working' hours. I also make sure he gets an outing trip everyday. If its not a school day, we'll be out either to a library or nearby places.

Here, i'll admit that N doesnt have alot of outdoor activities. Not because ive been consumed with educating him, but more because its too inconvenient to bring him to the parks in terms of distance and time. However, we do bring him outdoors for a bike ride, walk in the garden every now and then on weekends when daddy's home (with the car of course).

Like any wise parent, i strive to give my son a wholesome childhood. One that stimulates not just his cognitive but emotional and physical developments.


  1. i seriously seriously get very cross when people tell me WHAT I SHOULD, WHAT I SHOULDN'T and HOW I SHOULD PARENT MY CHILD.

    You do what you think is best for N. You are doing a great job and I can tell that he is thriving under your love and support for his developmental, emotional and social well-being.

    Ignore those comments. Only you know what is best for your bub.

    ps. Today, somebody told me at playgroup that the main reason why T is soo clingy to me is because I am hovering around him! WTF? He is starting to run and climb and there are so many slides, swings and bumps everywhere. What if he falls down and breaks his leg/arm or hurts his head?! Will they give me back my son?After trying for so long and having this miracle in my life, would I want to risk it all?! i honestly honestly can't stand mothers who think that they know better! I NEVER NEVER tell anybody how they should parent their child because i don't know their children's personality so I should not be there to judge or comment.

    OK, RANT OVER AND OUT! sorry. so grumpy and when i saw your post, just riled me up. grrrrrrr

  2. Ah well, its extra tricky for me because she's a dear friend as well. But we both have very different views in bringing our kids.

    I heard this phrase from a show once 'mothers judge other mothers'. I think its very true. The very people who are critical about our parenting are the other mothers who ironically understands us the most. I know exactly how you feel!


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